gWorks is the Standard
for Easy-to-Use Software
for Local Governments


To enable and empower every public leader to build smarter governments and stronger communities with simple, integrated technologies.


Power thousands of small local governments with an easy-to-use and integrated software suite that connects data, people, and effective action into community strength and pride.


Cultivate the strongest & smartest team who delivers the simplest, most effective, and most pleasing technology solutions to small local governments and back it up
with the best support in
the industry.

We succeed when we empower local public leaders to build smarter governments and stronger communities with simple technologies. 

We design, develop, and deliver software, professional services, and support to small local governments. 

From physical asset management to financial accounting to GIS and more, gWorks’ intuitive suite enables public leaders to know, act, and benefit with confidence. We offer a comprehensive software suite to serve critical government functions as well as professional services such as data conversion, consultation, balancing the books, training, and education. 

gWorks and it’s team of smart, talented employees are known for reliable and easy-to-use software backed by the best client support in the industry. 


Focus on Client Success

Be Dependable


Be Always Learning, Improving, and Progressing

Keep it Simple

Opportunities through superior Discipline & Merit


Our History

Witnessing a county official struggling through a variety of cumbersome paper maps and deeds just to identify a rural parcel was the spark that led to gWorks’ (then GIS Workshop) founding in 1999. Putting all of those records into a Geographic Information System (GIS), or digital map, would start gWorks on the path to helping small local governments leverage simple technologies for big impact.

Since our founding, gWorks has been empowering hundreds of small local governments to more efficiently manage their functional responsibilities enabling them to serve their communities better, take more informed & effective actions, and save time & money.  We’ve grown much since then with our team, our sophistication, and our technology solutions, but we have remained committed to easy-to-use, reliable solutions and outstanding support for our clients.

gWorks has been selected to be a part of the 2022 GovTech Top 100! This annual list includes companies throughout the United States that are focused on making a difference for State and Local Government. 

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