Case Study: How Much Could You Really Save With Utility Billing Internet?

At gWorks, we work closely with our clients to ensure their success not only during the implementation phase of a project but also through the continued use of our solutions. This case study was made possible thanks to the cooperation of several of our longtime Utility Billing Internet clients.

While paying bills takes time and resources from your customers, processing the payments also eats up staff time, one of the city’s most valuable resources. For payments that are mailed in or dropped off after hours, it can take several minutes per bill to open each envelope and input the payment into SimpleCity. Payments that are made in-person often require city staff to stop what they were currently doing, look up a customer’s account, and answer questions about usage and amount owed before taking the payment and inputting this into SimpleCity.

Time Saved

So how much time and money can you save with Utility Billing Internet? Take a city that sends out 500 bills each month and receives 50% of their payments by mail and 50% of their payments are made in-person. Assuming each bill can be opened and recorded in 2 to 3 minutes, and each in-person interaction takes 3-5 minutes, that’s 27 hours of work they spend each month just to record payments. That adds up to $324/month or $3,888/year in labor costs for receiving utility billing payments!

After this city implements Utility Billing Internet, city staff no longer have to sort through the mail, open each envelope, field questions from walk-in customers, and record each payment to customer accounts in SimpleCity.

This city sees an initial Utility Billing Internet adoption rate of 25%, which in turn saves them $972 in labor costs the first year alone! If adoption rates increase to 40% in year 2 and 55% in year 3, this city will save nearly $4,665 in labor over the first three years.

Other Savings

The time and money saved alone will bring some relief to the city, but there are more positive outcomes from using Utility Billing Internet. Fewer walk-ins mean fewer interruptions and increased productivity for city staff. Customers no longer need to make the trek to city hall or fill out and mail checks. Payments can be made from the safety of their homes, saving them time and money. In addition to convenience, this also provides peace of mind to both the city employees and their customers by eliminating the need for them to visit city hall or the post office during difficult times. By providing an additional option for payment, increased reliability of and instant confirmation of payment, and transparency through account access with Utility Billing Internet, the city will earn a more positive public perception and contribute to greater convenience for everyone.

Look What Our Clients Are Saying About Utility Billing Internet

“Moving forward to online payments was definitely a great option for us. It gives our customers more payments options whether it’s a monthly payment or a payment during disconnection time. It’s also beneficial in the office as we have less checks to process which means more time for helping customers, taking phone calls and being able to focus on other daily tasks.” – Sara Ries, Hiawatha, IA Water Department