How Much Can You Save with Utility Billing E-Bills?

At gWorks, we work closely with our clients to ensure their success not only during the implementation phase of a project, but also through the continued use of our solutions. This case study was made possible thanks to the cooperation of several of our longtime Utility Billing Internet clients.

While paying bills takes time and resources from your customers, processing the payments also eats up staff time, one of the city’s most valuable resources. For payments that are mailed in or dropped off after hours, it can take several minutes per bill to open each envelope and input the payment into SimpleCity. Payments that are made in-person often require city staff to stop what they were currently doing, look up a customer’s account, and answer questions about usage and amount owed before taking the payment and inputting this into SimpleCity.

What does this mean for you?

  • Huge Savings in Time & Money – save money on materials while significantly reducing the time and effort needed to process your billing. See our Case Study below to learn just how much you can save!
  • Convenience for both the City and your residents
  • Enables customers to “Go Green”
  • Attach a newsletter, water quality report, or other documents to be sent with the E-Bills for even more convenience

So how much can you save?

When you add up bill forms, ink, printer wear and tear, envelopes, postage, and the time it takes to get each bill printed and in the mail, it costs this city $2.75 on average for every single bill that gets mailed. With a monthly billing cycle, that’s $33 per year in labor and material costs per customer for hard copy billing. For this city that sends out 500 bills a month, that adds up to $1,375 per month and $16,500 per year in labor and material costs – just to send out bills!

With E-Bills, all bills automatically get emailed each time you print bills. No more tearing cards, sorting and folding and stuffing bills, or applying postage.

For a city with 500 customers, based on a conservative estimate of a 25% adoption rate the first year, E-Bills would save the city $4,125 in time and material costs the first year alone! If adoption increases to 40% in year two and to 55% in year three, that would be a total savings of $19,800 in time and material costs over the first three years. E-Bills would pay for itself in less than a year annually and the city will continue to enjoy the savings year after year. Combine E-Bills with our Utility Billing ACH Solution for even more time savings and to improve the predictability of your city’s revenue.

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