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Online Payments

Enable your public users to pay various types of bills online: utilities, fees, or taxes. 

Email & SMS text notifications

Send individual or bulk messages to public users. Create templates to simplify your work and send messages quickly. 

  • Invoices
  • Emergency Messages
  • Public Notices
  • Shut-off Warnings
  • And whatever else you come up with!


Public users can view utility usage online, track multiple accounts, and submit service requests. 

Agenda, Minutes, & FOrms Builders

Create content in minutes!

  • Agenda and Minutes that you can make available online and share electronically
  • Online forms, like Pet Licenses, for public users to submit online for faster processing 
  • FAQ for your public users to reduce phone calls

Reports & Dashboards

Know how your government is performing through its interactions with the public through FrontDesk Reports and Dashboards. Stay on top of what matters to optimize your operations.

  • How was payment collection this month vs last month?
  • How are we doing in closing out service requests?
  • How many form submissions did we receive last week?
  • How many people are delinquent on payments or licenses? 

PUBLIC USER Management

Manage and collate the interactions with Public Users through FrontDesk. Improve customer service when you can quickly access their history of payments, service requests, utility accounts, and more. 

Additional Options

Citizen requests (311)

Give your Public Users a mobile-friendly channel to report issues or submit requests to your government. Deliver a high level of customer service and satisfaction to your public when you can quickly respond to pothole issues, replace burned out street lights, or address public nuisances. 


Website Builder

Build your own website for your community with our website builder. Easily deliver an appealing site integrated with FrontDesk at a low cost. 




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