gWorks Can Help City Hall Work, Even When You’re Not There

Using SimpleCity Remotely

In light of what’s going on with the coronavirus COVID-19, we know many of you may be reducing or eliminating hours at City Hall and needing to work from home in the weeks ahead. Because all SimpleCity financial data is stored on your city’s server, you will need to be connected to that server to use the software and access your data.  However, gWorks’ SimpleCity Financial Modules can be accessed from a home computer using one of the two solutions below:

1. Set up a remote desktop connection. Your IT provider can set up a remote desktop connection on a laptop or home computer that will allow you to remote in and access your SimpleCity Accounting Modules.
2. Set up a VPN (virtual private network). Your IT provider set up a VPN for you so you can connect to your city’s server where your SimpleCity data is housed from another computer.

Both solutions must be done by your IT Provider. gWorks staff can provide recommendations, but we will not have access to set these up on your behalf. 

Additional gWorks Solutions for Remote Functionality

gWorks is here for you with solutions that work, regardless of where you are working! The solutions below are add-ons to our primary modules that will help you and your customers complete the necessary functions of Utility Billing and paying for city services remotely. In the event your city hall reduces hours, cancels all walk-in traffic, or you need to work from home, these add-on modules will help you complete the necessary functions of local government. It’s critical you are still able to get your Utility Billing and Paychecks out on time and continue to receive Utility payments, even if your customers cannot do this in person or if you aren’t working from City Hall. 

1. Utility Billing E-Bills. Send out all utility bills via email with one click.  Billing can be done remotely since printing of physical bills is not required. 
2.Utility Billing ACH. Create the ACH file and upload the file to your bank from your remote office. With more families working from home, this will bring added convenience and ensure your city is still paid on time.
3. Utility Billing Internet. Customers can pay utility bills online through a cloud-based portal credit or debit card 24/7. Customers can view their billing history for up to two years and ensure the bill gets paid without needing to leave their homes. 
4. Payroll ACH. Direct deposit of paychecks so employees don’t need to go to City Hall to pick them up and you don’t have to be at City Hall to print paychecks.
5. Payroll Time & Attendance. Electronic clocking in and out so employees don’t need to physically come into City Hall when they start or end work. 

These modules will help you get through this critical period and uncharted territory for our nation in the coming weeks. Most of these solutions can be installed quickly to meet your city’s needs. If you’d like more information, please email or simply reply to this email.