How to Document COVID-19 Issues with SimpleCity Physical Asset Management

Many cities are already starting to experience the effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 in their communities. During this time, it’s critical to document any and all issues, activities, and effects related to the virus in the event you need to apply for public assistance funds. Documentation is critical to getting public assistance; those who have clear and complete documentation tend to get approval and payment more swiftly than those who do not.

At gWorks, we want to make sure you use every resource you have available to you. We’ve even created some new resources to help you monitor and track these issues. Below are some ideas on how you can use SimpleCity Physical Asset Management, or “PAM,” to document issues related to the virus.

  • Activities. Use the Activity Management Tool to track any work orders or activities related to the virus. Keep in mind activities don’t need to be associated with an asset.
  • Projects. Utilize Projects to group activities together for better tracking and reporting. gWorks has created a Project for all cities called COVID-19 Response Tracking. This Project will be available for you in the Projects dropdown menu when creating activities. By tracking virus-related activities with this Project, comprehensive reports will show all work and associated costs for work the city has done related to the virus.
  • Job Costing. Use the Job Costing functionality to track hours and expenses related to labor, equipment, materials, or miscellaneous events. This will enable you to provide detailed reports of specific costs related to the virus.
  • Reports. Build and save custom reports that you can run on a regular basis. Reports can be run on assets, activities, or audit log data.
  • Public Notice Tool. gWorks has developed a special tool for you to post COVID-19 related notices to the public viewer of PAM. These may be things like showing the locations of closed businesses or test sites, showing grocery stores or offices with reduced hours, or any other locations for things that are pertinent to the virus. We have added this tool to all PAM sites for free. For a complete tutorial on how to use the tool, check out:
For more information on how to utilize the Public Notice Tool, please attend one of our webinars that will include more information. Register to attend using our Events Page. Filter type by Webinar, choose the webinar you wish to attend, and submit your RSVP. 


The Public Notice Tool can be used to share public notifications and locations on the public viewer of PAM.

Keep in mind that PAM is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere on any device
with an internet connection. This means that employees can continue to perform
and track work without the need to come into the office.

gWorks is here to help. If you have any questions, please contact your Client Success Manager or call gWorks direction at 888-706-7666.