Payroll Time & Attendance

Greatly increase the accuracy of your payroll while providing convenience and time savings for employees, supervisors, and payroll clerks


Payroll Time & Attendance is a web-based solution for employees to easily track their hours and time off that directly interfaces with SimpleCity Payroll.

 No more manually entering hours from paper timesheets. No more chasing employees down for their hours. No more lost time off requests. This simple solution ensures data accuracy, brings added convenience, streamlines your workflow.

Web-based electronic time clock for tracking employee hours they can use to enter time from any computer, smartphone, or other internet-enabled mobile device

Restrictions can be placed on which computers, smartphones, or mobile devices can be used by employees to enter their time

Easily import hours recorded into SimpleCity Payroll, increasing efficiency and accuracy of your Payroll process

Overtime calculated based on the specific and configurable pay policies for each employee

Automates the request and approval process for all types of time off (PTO, Vacation, Sick, etc)

Supervisors and administrative staff can review employee hours for accuracy, approve time off requests, and override or change hours


Improved Accuracy

Improves accuracy of hours and paychecks, minimizing the need to make corrections 

smartphone (1)


Convenience for employees with options to clock in and out in real-time from anywhere

Time Savings

Saves time by removing paper time cards and manual data entry

workflow (2)


Simplifies and streamlines the payroll process

Reduces Errors

Eliminates the need to manually enter overtime, vacation, sick, and other time off requests into Payroll

Increased Productivity

Increases productivity of employees, supervisors, and payroll clerks