COVID-19 Resources

During this time, it is critical to document any and all issues, activities, and effects related to the COVID-19 crisis in the event you need to apply for public assistance funds. Documentation is critical to getting public assistance; those who have clear and complete documentation tend to get approval and payment more swiftly than those who do not.


Whether you are using SimpleCity Physical Asset Management (PAM) or SimpleCity Financial Accounting Management (FAM) software, or both, gWorks has you covered. gWorks has provided a 6-part webinar series on how to document COVID-19 related issues using Financial Accounting Software. In addition, we have made some additional tools available for all our Physical Asset Management clients.

COVID-19 Financial Accounting Webinar Series

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Using Notes to Track

Use the Notes feature extensively across all modules for thorough documentation. Set up Note Categories and run reports.

Payroll: Paying Emergency Leave & FMLA per H.R. 6201

Learn how to pay and document emergency leave to be compliant with FMLA and H.R. 6201

Utility Billing: Tracking Penalties & Shut Offs Waived

Learn how to track penalties and any service shut offs you have waived for Utility Billing customers.

General Ledger: Setting Up Expense Accounts for COVID-19

Learn how to set up Expense Accounts to track COVID-19 related expenses in General Ledger.

General Ledger: Tracking Budget Shortfalls

Learn how to track budget shortfalls your city may experience due to COVID-19 related issues.

Utility Billing: Tracking Balance Forgiveness

Learn how to enter and track balance forgiveness due to COVID-19 related issues.

Physical Asset Management

At gWorks, we want to make sure you use every resource you have available to you. We’ve even created some new resources to help you monitor and track these issues. 

  • Activities. Use the Activity Management Tool to track any work orders or activities related to the virus.
  • Projects. gWorks has created a Project for all cities called COVID-19 Response Tracking to group activities together for better tracking. 
  • Job Costing. Track hours and expenses related to labor, equipment, materials, or miscellaneous events. 
  • Reports. Build and save custom reports that you can run on a regular basis.

Public Notice Tool Tutorial

gWorks has developed a special tool to post COVID-19 related notices to the public viewer of PAM. These may be things like showing the locations of closed businesses or test sites, showing grocery stores or offices with reduced hours, or any other locations for things that are pertinent to the virus.

For more information, please check out our Blog which is being updated regularly.