SimpleAssets: Empowering Your Mobile Workforce

gWorks is releasing SimpleAssets, a mobile app used in conjunction with our SimpleCity® Asset Management platform. SimpleAssets will streamline field data collection, Activity Management tracking, and access to data in the field in one easy-to-use mobile app.

The mobile app is intended to be used in the field so field staff can quickly, easily, and efficiently view and track daily maintenance activities from a tablet or smartphone. SimpleAssets is designed to give field staff simplified access to the city’s assets and their activities to easily record work as it’s completed. The App will initially be available for Android and iOS.

Benefits of SimpleAssets Include:

  • ​​Speed & Efficiency. Field staff quickly and easily can create, view, and complete activities in the field without having to write it on pen and paper or remember all the details until they are back in the office.
  • Improved Access. Users can view all activities assigned to them, see unassigned activities that need to be done, and view asset locations on the map.
  • SimpleAssets is designed with the mobile user in mind with an easy-to-use and uncluttered interface.
  • Increased Accuracy. Field staff can log their work as it’s completed, ensuring all the pertinent details are captured correctly and completely.
  • Seamless connectivity. SimpleAssets will work with or without an internet connection so your team doesn’t need to worry about patchy internet access affecting their work.
  • SimpleCity® integration. All data logged in SimpleAssets will automatically synchronize with your SimpleCity®, saving time and reducing inefficiencies while giving management insight into the work being completed.
  • Efficient Planning & Routing. Field staff can sort what needs to be done by distance from their current location and get directions to the nearest activity.
  • Flexibility. SimpleAssets will be compatible with Android and iOS initially. gWorks is also developing a Windows version that will work with Windows Tablets and devices.
  • Greater Visibility. With SimpleAssets comes additional tools on SimpleCity® including visibility into live and historical field locations of staff.

SimpleAssets enables cities to know, act, and benefit with confidence. By making it easier to do what needs to be done in the field, cities can focus on improving infrastructure, managing risk, reducing unplanned expenditures, and long-term planning.

For more information about enabling SimpleAssets for your city, contact us directly at 402-436-2150 or at

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