SimpleCity Utility Billing "Must Have" Modules to Make Your Life Easier

These modules will save you time and money & provide convenience and excellent service for your customers, all while enhancing your experience with SimpleCity Financial Accounting Management Utility Billing! 

Receipt Management

This versatile module boosts the efficiency and accuracy of all payment types received by the city.

  • Quick and easy receipt printing for in-person payments
  • Automatically creates deposits and pending deposits in Bank Reconciliation module
  • Reduced chance for error by eliminating need to handle transactions multiple times
  • Endorses checks for deposit only into the appropriate bank account
  • Print Receipt Listing Report at end of day for balancing cash drawers and preparing deposit slips
  • Plus more!

Utility Billing Internet

Allow your customers to see their Utility Billing account information and make payments online. This provides convenience for them and less work for you.

  • Customers can pay bills online
  • Fewer checks to process
  • Reduced walk-in traffic
  • Fewer phone call inquiries
  • Reduced shut-offs
  • Payments are accurately and easily imported into SimpleCity
  • Less time spent searching for customer account information
  • Plus more!

Utility Billing E-Bills

Give your customers the option to receive their utility bills electronically!

  • Big savings in time & money for you and your customers
  • Reduced billing processing time and effort
  • Convenience for your customers
  • Enables customers to "go green"
  • Attach newsletters, water quality reports, or other documentation to E-Bills for more added convenience
  • Plus more!

Utility Billing ACH

Give your customers the ability to pay their monthly utility bills through automatic withdrawal. 

  • Added convenience for you and your customers
  • Improved predictability of revenue for your city
  • Reduced stress from worrying about, and following up on, late payments
  • Plus more!