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Pricing for FrontDesk is based on the Plan you choose and how many Public Users you have. A Public User is a citizen who can log in or who you activate in FrontDesk.
Plans start at 100 Public Users, and you can add more in multiples of 50.


Starts at 100 Public Users 

SMS Texts per Public User

Emails per Public User

Data Storage per Public User



30 MB


Plan highlights

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Starts at 100 Public Users 

SMS Texts per Public User

Emails per Public User

Data Storage per Public User



60 MB


Plan highlights

Add-on options

Citizen requests (311)

Billed per Public User

Website builder

FrontDesk Professional Onboarding is a required one-time fee.
If you opt for the Website Builder, there is an additional required one-time fee for Website Professional Onboarding.

Click here to view your Professional Onboarding Options

Need more texts, emails, or data storage?
Add what you need, when you need it.

Additional SMS Text Packages start at $35 for 500 texts
Additional Email Packages start at $30 for 6,000 emails
Additional Data Storage starts at $48/yr for 5GB

Frequently Asked Questions

A: We designed FrontDesk to integrate with gWorks’ SimpleCity Fund Accounting Modules software. If you subscribe to the FrontDesk Basic plan, you must have the SimpleCity Receipt Management module. If you subscribe to the FrontDesk Standard plan, you must have the SimpleCity Receipt Management and Utility Billing modules.

A: Forte Payments is a gWorks preferred payments vendor. Our two companies have worked together to integrate our products and streamline the adoption of a payment vendor. At this time, you must use Forte Payments as the payments provider within FrontDesk.

A: All customers from your Utility Billing software will be accessible in FrontDesk, although they must be active Public Users to make payments online, for you to interact with them, or use other features in FrontDesk. For FrontDesk Public Users, all payments will be made through FrontDesk and will be recorded in your Receipt Management module and Utility Billing module, if applicable. Utility usage and history will display in FrontDesk.

A: Yes. All FrontDesk clients need to have Professional Onboarding to get started on the right foot with your citizen engagement. We will help you integrate with SimpleCity Fund Accounting Modules software and Forte Payments. We’ll train you how to configure your FrontDesk to your needs, and how to access and use the Resource Center, tooltips, and guides. Finally, we’ll provide strategic guidance on how to maximize your FrontDesk benefits.

A: An Agency User is an employee of your government entity, such as a city, county, public utility, or special district. A Public User is a citizen of your community that has a FrontDesk account. A Public User can either create their own account or they can be activated by an Agency User who has permissions to activate them. Your costs are based the block of Public Users that you subscribe for. You can add and pay for more Public Users at any time. You are not charged for Agency Users.

A: All Agency Users have access to the FrontDesk Resource Center, feature guides, and tooltips. The purpose of these in-app support options is to provide Agency Users a rich channel of responsive content so that help and assistance are a click away. Additionally, during your first year and periodically thereafter, a Client Success Manager will engage with you to ensure you are maximizing the features and benefits from FrontDesk.

A: You don’t need on premise servers, storage, or maintenance that you have to spend a lot of money to upkeep. We do all of that for you through the cloud, and all you have to do is subscribe for access to your application. Second, you get immediate access to our latest enhancements with automatic updates. Finally, cloud software has optimal performance and multiple redundancies, so you can have the peace of mind with access and data availability as long as you have an internet connection.

A: Promoting FrontDesk will be key to getting your citizens to adopt the platform. The more Public Users that create accounts, the more they benefit from your online services, and the more you benefit from the FrontDesk features. gWorks will provide you with a toolkit that contains recommendations, a draft Press Release, and other best practices to help get the word out.

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