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Do you have the Roadmap for your Journey?

“X”might mark the spot, but do you know what your organization’s “X” is? Do you know how to get there? Do you know what you need to have with you?

Tap into our Professional Services to help achieve your Roadmap and get what you need for success. 

Data Collection

GPS locate your city's Assets

Data Creation

Create data from paper maps

Data Conversion

Get your data into standardized and useful formats

Data Integrity Services

Keep your data accurate and healthy with our help


Provide your staff with the training they need to become experts


Helping you leverage technology and succeed

Data Collection

In today’s high speed information age, knowing exactly where your assets are and what condition they are in is critical for local governments to manage operations, risk, planning, budgeting, citizen relations, and data-driven decision making. 

Acquiring this data is difficult – you need the equipment, software, know-how, and most importantly, the time. Your small government is lean and already too busy. How can you possibly collect information from 10,000+ assets in a timely manner? 

You can’t. But you’re exposed to the risk of not having this data. gWorks can collect information and GPS coordinates for assets and properties from both the ground and the air. Get attribute rich, accurate, and usable data. 

Data Creation

Getting off paper and into the digital age is overwhelming. We can do it for you. gWorks’ GIS team can create GIS data layers from paper maps, surveys, deeds, CAMA systems, legal descriptions, tax records, and more. 

We’ll digitize and store data in our cloud or yours to protect your government’s documents and spatial data. 

Data Conversion

Not all data or databases are created equal. That unfortunate truth can cost you time, money, and frustration running your operations. That’s where we come in. We’re experts in data creation. From GIS to financial accounting, our Software Engineers and GIS Technicians can convert disparate databases into a standardized format that easily fits into one of our many applications. 

We can handle SQL, MySQL, Access, Excel, CAD, AutoCAD, geodatabases, Excel, third part data, and more. 

Trust in your data and databases means confidence in your decision-making and actions. 


Whether you need a software refresher or specific training tailored to your needs, gWorks offers a variety of training and education options.

Onsite training, online training, webinars, User Groups, and our gWorks University with self-paced learning paths along with articles and content. 


Leveraging technology isn’t enough if you don’t have the plan and discipline to see it through to a win. We often witness dedicated, forward-thinking local government leaders see the “what” and the “why” of our simple technology solutions, only to get hung up on the “how.”

  • How do I employ a Physical Asset Management program?
  • How do I implement financial best practices to maximize revenue collection and minimize accounting work?
  • How do I use GIS to improve communication between departments and with the public?
  • How do I organize my staff to handle unplanned work yet still complete planned projects?

Our knowledgeable staff can help you craft your roadmap to overcome these questions and others like them. 

Data Integrity Services

Keep your data healthy with our help. We can provide financial accounting help from Balancing Services to spatial data integrity analysis. With our domain expertise and technical know-how, let gWorks staff ensure your data is in the best shape it can be so you can focus on building a resilient, vibrant community.  

Esri ArcGIS Configuration & Extensions

As a Silver Member of Esri’s Partner Network, we can help you implement and configure ArcGIS solutions and extensions. We have also developed our own gWorks extensions to help make your workflows more efficient. Our popular Assessor Extensions provide County Assessors and Appraisers an easy way  to maintain parcel data within ArcGIS Software. 

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