Utility Billing's ACH Payments

gWorks’ Utility Billing ACH solution allows customers to pay their monthly bills through automatic withdrawal, simplifying the payment process and making it easier and more convenient for both the city and its residents. Payments are automatically deposited into your bank account and are recorded on the correct date in your Utility Billing software.

 This means:

  • Added convenience & benefits for your customers
  • Improved predictability of revenue for the city with a more steady revenue stream
  • Reduce the stress of worrying about and following up on late payments
  • Significant savings in time & money – see our case study below for more details!

Case Study: How Much Could You REALLY Save with ACH?

While paying bills takes time and resources from your customers, it also eats up staff time, one of the city’s most valuable resources. It can take several minutes per bill to open each letter and input the payment into SimpleCity. Take a city that sends out and receives 500 bills each month. Assuming each bill can be opened and recorded in 2 to 3 minutes, that’s 20 hours of work they spend each month just to record payment. That adds up to $240/month or $2,880/year in labor costs for receiving utility billing payments.

After this city implements ACH Billing, city staff no longer have to sort through the mail, open each letter, and record each payment to customer accounts.

This city sees an initial ACH adoption rate of 25%, which in turn saves them $720 in labor costs the first year alone! If adoption rates increase in year 2 and year 3, this city will save nearly $3,500 in labor over the first three years. Customers no longer need to remember to pay their bills or fill out and mail checks, saving them time as money as well. The city will earn greater public perception and contribute to greater convenience for everyone.

Pro-Tip: To increase ACH adoption, offer incentives for your customers such as waiving the deposit fee when they sign  up for auto-pay. 

For more information or to get ACH set up for your city, please contact Steven Mosteller at or call 402-512-4341.

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