A robust suite featuring desktop and cloud-based apps designed for local government

We’re driven to see that dedicated public servants leverage technology so that their communities thrive

SimpleCity is a suite of apps and modules designed to meet your city's needs

Physical Asset Management

SimpleCity Physical Asset Management is a cloud-based solution designed to give your city or public utility the tools you need to manage your physical assets. 

Locate assets, track project costs, gain awareness, and protect your city from liabilities. 

Fund Accounting Modules

SimpleCity Fund Accounting and Utility Billing modules are designed for City Clerks, Financial Managers, and City Administrators to optimize their city’s operations. 

Rely on a proven fund accounting system for your city. 

See how SimpleCity can remove friction points within local government

Data drives everything we do. Your local government needs software and services that bring data together with running your local government. gWorks provides over 30 easy-to-use applications for Desktop, Web, or Mobile that help cities run their operations. 

Simplify your must-haves so you can focus on achieving your want-to-haves and your vision of a resilient, vibrant community. 

Dedicated Software Support

Our support team are experts in city domain knowledge and available to provide responsive, intelligent support to enable you to get your job done as simply as possible. In addition to our support team, we offer our clients a Client Portal featuring a robust Knowledge Base, User Groups, on-site training, and self-guided Learning Journeys. 

Hands-On Learning

At gWorks, we believe in teaching you to fish. We try to seize every teachable moment to empower our clients to be smarter and stronger. New city implementations come with hands-on training. We work hard to power local government with intuitive, simple software paired with our domain knowledge and customer service focused on your success. 

Supplemental Services

gWorks provides a variety of Professional Services to help local governments optimize operations, collect data, digitize maps, balance the books, create a budget, and more to plan for the future. 

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