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What you need to manage your City

SimpleCity Fund Accounting Management is software platform for municipal government. SimpleCity includes desktop software modules for Clerks, Financial Managers, and City Administrators to simply and easily complete the day-to-day functions of a City.

Municipal Accounting Modules

General Ledger

Fund Accounting to handle all your city's funds and budgeting needs.


Manage expenses for individuals & departments. Handle all types of pay, deductions, benefits, and periods.

Utility Billing

Streamline Utility Billing and maximize efficiency with General Ledger integration.

Accounts Payable

Schedule your payments and invoice entry to make paying bills & tracking suppliers a breeze.

Bank Reconciliation

Simple Reconciliation with your city's banks. Add Bank Import for payroll checks to import checks from a third party.

Receipt Management

Manage receipts. Includes options for online banking to import utility payments paid via credit card.

Permits & Purchase Orders

Record and issue permits, track inspections, create and liquidate Purchase Orders.

Billing & Licensing

Manage licensing and miscellaneous billing. ACH payment options available.

Cemetery Management

Record plot purchased and deceased information for your city's cemeteries.

Payroll Time & Attendance

Web-based time clock that automatically imports into Payroll reducing manual data entry.

Positive Pay

Anti-fraud measure for Bank Reconciliation that exports checks directly to your bank.

Meter Reader

Automatically upload meter readings from meter reader systems.

General Ledger Features

General Ledger has everything you need for your city’s fund accounting. Handle accounting on a cash or accrual basis. Process accounting for multiple entities. Maintain fund balances for actual, budget, or prior-year balances. 

Double Entry Accounting

Quick & Efficient data entry with the option to have SimpleCity automatically make the necessary offsetting entries.

Seamless Integration

Integration with other SimpleCity modules so entries made in Payroll or Accounts Payable are automatically posted.

Comprehensive Reports

A multitude of reports that can be prepared by fund, department, or cost center with options for configuration.

Simplified Year-End

Account balances are rolled automatically, making the year-end process simple.

One integrated platform for your city

From Municipal Fund Accounting Applications to Permitting, Billing & Licensing, and more. SimpleCity has everything your system needs to manage your finances, assets, and infrastructure. 

Payroll Features

Simplify the Payroll process for your city’s employees. Payroll automatically calculates each employee’s regular pay, taxes, deductions, and pension plans regardless of pay frequency. Split employee pay across multiple funds. Streamline time entry with Time & Attendance, our web-based time clock.

ACH Options

Print checks or enable ACH to pay employees with direct deposit.

Print Checks & Forms

Print vendor checks, W-2s, 1094s, 1094s, and record EFTs for Federal & State taxes & other deductions.

Comprehensive Reports

ACA Compliant Configurable Reports. Worker's Comp, Pension Reports, Unemployment, 941s, and more. Electronically upload to state pention plans.

Seamless Integration

Once a payment is process in Payroll, Genearl Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, and Accounts Payable update automatically.

Dedicated Software Support

Fund Accounting has a lot of moving pieces and can get complicated quickly. Our team are experts in city domain knowledge and available to provide responsive, knowledgeable support to enable you to get your job done.

Utility Billing Features

Complete all your city’s billing while maximizing efficiency. Options for interfacing with automated readers, handheld, or radio systems. Bill for all your city’s services including water, sewer, sanitation, electric, gas, trash, and more. 

FrontDesk Integration

Empower your citizens and improve customer suervice. Utility Bills, usage, autopay, and more can be accessed online.

Data Accuracy

With Utility Billing Internet and Billpay, get a customized web page to take payments and import web payments.

Service Orders

Generate Service Orders for move-ins, move-outs, transfers, disconnections, and meter change-outs.

Automated Readings

Automate reading entry by interfacing with handheld, radio, telephone, or automated reader systems.

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