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What You Need to Manage Your City

SimpleCity Fund Accounting Management is a software platform for municipal government. SimpleCity includes desktop software modules for Clerks, Financial Managers, and City Administrators to simply and easily complete the day-to-day functions of a City.

Municipal Accounting Modules

General Ledger

Fund Accounting to handle all your city's funds and budgeting needs.

Payroll Cloud

Manage expenses for individuals & departments. Handle all types of pay, deductions, benefits, and periods.

Utility Billing

Streamline Utility Billing and maximize efficiency with General Ledger integration.

Accounts Payable

Schedule your payments and invoice entry to make paying bills & tracking suppliers a breeze.

Bank Reconciliation

Simple Reconciliation with your city's banks. Add Bank Import for payroll checks to import checks from a third party.

Receipt Management

Manage receipts. Includes options for online banking to import utility payments paid via credit card.

Permits & Purchase Orders

Record and issue permits, track inspections, create and liquidate Purchase Orders.

Billing & Licensing

Manage licensing and miscellaneous billing. ACH payment options available.

Cemetery Management

Record plot purchased and deceased information for your city's cemeteries.


Web-based time clock that automatically imports into Payroll Cloud reducing manual data entry.

Positive Pay

Anti-fraud measure for Bank Reconciliation that exports checks directly to your bank.

Meter Reader

Automatically upload meter readings from meter reader systems.

One integrated platform for your city

From Municipal Fund Accounting Applications to Permitting, Billing & Licensing, and more. SimpleCity has everything your system needs to manage your finances, assets, and infrastructure. 

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What Current Users Say

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